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Here is the list of items showing how many have sold on eBay in the last 90 days and how many current auctions are underway. You can then click on an item to see more detail. The detail will show the price the item was ultimately sold for, or the current bid.

Here is the list of items showing how many have sold on eBay in the last 90 days and how many current auctions are underway. You can then click on an item to see more detail. The detail will show the price the item was ultimately sold for, or the current bid.

Collection: A Christmas Story Village
Year Released Year Retired Collection Open eBay Auctions Prior eBay Sales
Clown19711986A Christmas Story Village 1910
Dog Playing Contrabass19711986A Christmas Story Village 10
Pheasant19731980A Christmas Story Village 82
Prince Charles19751980A Christmas Story Village 01
The Family19711986A Christmas Story Village 10
Violet Vase19891991A Christmas Story Village 01
Violinist (Lamp)19701985A Christmas Story Village 10

Collection: All through the House
Year Released Year Retired Collection Open eBay Auctions Prior eBay Sales
Ballet19591980All through the House 186
Behind The Screen19661980All through the House 102
Bouquet Ballerina19581980All through the House 50
Boy With Bull19631980All through the House 10
Charm19581980All through the House 53
Children With Donkey19631980All through the House 20
Choir Boy19571980All through the House 21
Choir Boy19571980All through the House 60
Choir Boy19561980All through the House 11
Collie19561980All through the House 51
Country Girl19611980All through the House 42
Dancers19581980All through the House 152
Dog &Amp; Dice19561980All through the House 122
Ghost Tree19671980All through the House 10
Giraffe With Baby19581980All through the House 60
Girl With Book Open19581980All through the House 31
Girl With Flower Basket19581980All through the House 32
Girl With Pitcher19561980All through the House 72
Grace19581980All through the House 50
Harlequin &Amp; Ballerina Lam19611980All through the House 60
Hawaiian19591980All through the House 45
Jumping The Hoop19581980All through the House 30
Kneeling Ballerina19581980All through the House 115
Lady From Menorca19561980All through the House 30
Lady From Valencia19631980All through the House 10
Lady With Cupid19581980All through the House 50
Lady With Umbrella19581980All through the House 96
Lamp19581980All through the House 91
Little Gypsy19561980All through the House 74
Little Lady Sitting19581980All through the House 10
Luis Xv Lady19581980All through the House 1715
Nativity19611980All through the House 2011
Nativity Chorus19621980All through the House 41
Noble Lady19581980All through the House 275
Nude With Dolphin19581980All through the House 10
Ostriches19631980All through the House 80
Polar Bear19651980All through the House 218
Polar Bear19651980All through the House 123
Polar Bear19651980All through the House 63
Rabbit Couple19621980All through the House 54
Rabbit Scratching19621980All through the House 43
Reposing19701980All through the House 20
Romantic Serenade19601980All through the House 20
Sain Joseph19591980All through the House 30
Sea Shell White19561980All through the House 91
Snowman19701980All through the House 147
Teenage Boy19581980All through the House 20
Teenage Girl19581980All through the House 31
The Prom19581980All through the House 10
Toddler19561980All through the House 21
Turtle Doves19591980All through the House 41
Vanity19571980All through the House 12
Virgin19581980All through the House 51
Young Arphist19651980All through the House 91
Young Ballerina19561980All through the House 50
Young Valencian Girl19631980All through the House 41

Collection: Alpine Village
Year Released Year Retired Collection Open eBay Auctions Prior eBay Sales
Angel W/ Accordion19761985Alpine Village 80
Beneath The Waves B19971999Alpine Village 10
Columbus,Two Routes19911995Alpine Village 10
Obstetrician (Reduced)19711998Alpine Village 155
Vase 419581980Alpine Village 10

Collection: Angels
Year Released Year Retired Collection Open eBay Auctions Prior eBay Sales
1993 Angel Tree Topper19931994Angels 1311
A Heavenly Christmas20002003Angels 52
A Message Of Joy20022005Angels 21
Adagio19992005Angels 51
Allegro19992005Angels 71
Alleluia - Cantata20052008Angels 40
An Angel's Song20002005Angels 31
An Angel's Tune19972013Angels 13
An Angel's Wish20000Angels 152
Angel19700Angels 6340
Angel19702005Angels 14566
Angel Care19902001Angels 53
Angel Dreaming19770Angels 3020
Angel Dreaming19771992Angels 12
Angel Laying Down19702005Angels 74
Angel Lying Down19700Angels 7124
Angel Of Peace19942003Angels 33
Angel Of The Stars19951995Angels 1610
Angel Praying19700Angels 6241
Angel Praying19702005Angels 40
Angel Praying (Re-Deco)20070Angels 10
Angel Thinking19700Angels 5523
Angel Thinking19702005Angels 83
Angel Tree Topper19901990Angels 4223
Angel Tree Topper-Green19921993Angels 56
Angel W/ Accordion19761985Angels 80
Angel W/ Clarinet19721987Angels 42
Angel W/ Flute19721987Angels 33
Angel W/ Flute19721987Angels 40
Angel W/ Mandolin19761985Angels 53
Angel W/ Score19761985Angels 21
Angel W/Lyre19761985Angels 11
Angel W/Tambourine19761985Angels 123
Angel With Baby19702003Angels 4422
Angel With Baby19701992Angels 113
Angel With Clarinet19881994Angels 22
Angel With Flute19700Angels 5430
Angel With Flute19702005Angels 22
Angel With Garland19942000Angels 60
Angel With Lute19721987Angels 71
Angel With Lute19881994Angels 115
Angel With Lute19721987Angels 31
Angel With Lyre20150Angels 50
Angel Wondering19770Angels 2813
Angel Wondering19771992Angels 10
Angelic Choir19881994Angels 11
Angelic Cymbalist19921993Angels 2913
Angelic Harmony19941998Angels 40
Angelic Melody19931994Angels 207
Angelic Music20022005Angels 30
Angelic Stars (Tree Topper)20100Angels 30
Angelic Violinist19941995Angels 54
Angelic Voice19902003Angels 89
Angels' Group19700Angels 3429
Angels' Group19702005Angels 41
Beautiful Angel20060Angels 101
Blessing - Cantata20052008Angels 30
Carefree Angel Wflute19851987Angels 71
Carefree Angel Wlyre19851987Angels 30
Celestial Balcony20120Angels 30
Celestial Flowers2017Angels 30
Celestial Harmony20022005Angels 42
Celestial Joy20042005Angels 31
Celestial Joy - Tree Topper (Re-Deco)20070Angels 30
Celestial Melody (Tree Topper)20060Angels 20
Celestial Melody (Tree Topper) (Re-Deco)20120Angels 21
Celestial Scent20032004Angels 11
Chinese Angel19702005Angels 58
Cupid19701981Angels 11
Cupid19962002Angels 32
Cupid19701981Angels 51
Cupid's Arrow20002003Angels 11
Curious Angel19770Angels 2614
Curious Angel19771992Angels 21
Dreaming Of The Stars20012005Angels 40
Eros And Psyche20140Angels 40
Exploring The Stars20012005Angels 62
Exploring The Stars20022005Angels 30
Fall Angel19941998Angels 22
Filled With Joy19982005Angels 30
Flowers Of Peace20012004Angels 21
Fountain Of Love19982007Angels 02
Friends In Flight19912005Angels 02
Guardian Angel19971998Angels 92
Heaven And Earth L.E.B.19981999Angels 11
Heaven's Harvest20012007Angels 13
Heaven's Harvest (60Th Anniversary)20130Angels 50
Heaven's Playground20072007Angels 10
Heavenly Cellist2016Angels 30
Heavenly Cellist19881994Angels 22
Heavenly Chimes19902006Angels 47
Heavenly Dreamer19902001Angels 86
Heavenly Dreamer19970Angels 10
Heavenly Friends Gift Box20022008Angels 10
Heavenly Harpist19911992Angels 2415
Heavenly Love20010Angels 56
Heavenly Melodies20012002Angels 10
Heavenly Message20060Angels 30
Heavenly Message20062015Angels 10
Heavenly Sounds19901994Angels 10
Heavenly Stars20030Angels 61
Heavenly Strings19881994Angels 53
Heavenly Strings20150Angels 20
Heavenly Strings19901994Angels 01
Heavenly Swing19912002Angels 10
Joy In My Heart20022003Angels 20
Joyful Offering19941995Angels 113
Lithophane Votive Light -Angel With Star20130Angels 10
Little Angel With Lyre19982005Angels 116
Little Angel With Tambour19982003Angels 56
Little Angel With Violin19982005Angels 55
Love In The World20022005Angels 40
Loving Protection20060Angels 33
Making A Wish19902006Angels 68
Mime Angel19770Angels 2625
Mime Angel19771992Angels 31
Mini Angel Tree Ornament19881988Angels 259
My Guardian Angel (Blue)20030Angels 74
My Guardian Angel (Pink)20100Angels 50
My Loving Angel20150Angels 20
Nativity Chorus19621980Angels 41
Peace On Earth20100Angels 40
Praying - Cantata (Tree Topper)(Re-Deco)20130Angels 30
Precious Angel20090Angels 65
Protective Angel20110Angels 51

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